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Consumer Direct
As few as 20 years ago, the thought of giving customers direct access to the companies they purchased from was virtually unheard of. Aside from a handful of home based multi-level marketing businesses, all sales went through retail stores…period. The proliferation of technology over the last two decades has changed the way we go about our daily lives, and this includes the way information and products can be shared with the consumer. It has also changed the way consumers can communicate their needs and wants directly with a company.

When we built the foundation for XENEK, we knew that we wanted our customers to communicate directly with us, so that we benefit from your experiences and recommendations. This direct and timely communication gives us the ability to create a company that can quickly adapt to, create, or modify products that change hunters’ experiences in meaningful ways.

As a result of this decision, XENEK branded products are available directly to our customers through our website and through a small and select group of retailers that are equally committed to offering innovative products. This approach keeps us flexible, puts more value per dollar spent into our customer’s pockets and ensures that we won’t compromise the quality of our products.

Our sales model offers us two-way communication with customers, flexibility, transparency and more value at any given price than you’ll find anywhere else. We welcome the opportunity to live up to this promise and look forward to hearing from you.