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About XENEK Affiliates
We depend on marketing affiliates to spread the word about our company and our products. In return for that, we pay them for the items they sell for us. The promo codes we require you to use when you make a purchase is how we track this.

Our Affiliates range from outdoor oriented non-profit clubs to nationally aired TV shows. We appreciate every effort made to spread the word about us and we channel sales through our Affiliates so they can continue to do what they do while helping us do what we do.

We believe that the future of advertising lies in grassroots campaigns where individuals and groups that have a “circle of influence” can and should be rewarded for their help in creating sales and support for products that they believe in. Personally, we are tired of commercials and advertisements that are based around hype and buzzwords. We would rather get our recommendations and information from trusted sources that have real experiences with products that they can relay to potential buyers. We think that most consumers feel that way too.

All we ask for from our Affiliates is to share their honest opinions with the people they come in contact with and to provide honest feedback to us. This approach requires us to actually provide products and service that really are worth talking about. We welcome this responsibility and the risk associated with it.

If you are interested in becoming a XENEK Affiliate, please click the link below to begin the application process.

XENEK Affiliate Application Form